Freek Vonk Stickers

With Freek Vonk (a super famous Dutch version of Steve Irwin) as the hero Albert Heijn (Ahold Delhaize) released two very successful campaigns which not only entertained kids but also educated them in a fun and exciting way.

Explore the world of Dinosaurs (2016) and Going On Adventure (2015)

With every €10 spend the consumer received a sticker booklet with 4 stickers. In total there were 160 different stickers to collect, including many specials such as glow-in-the-dark, heat sensitive and holographic stickers, and even stickers with a funny smell.

On top of that Albert Heijn included Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for an immersive experience for both kids and their families. 

Collector Album

With the collector album it's fun and easy to complete the sticker collection! The album contained sections on the first Dinosaurs, herbivorous Dinosaurs, and many such interesting topics, with great puzzles, and educational background information about the world of the Dinosaurs and the other Animal Kingdoms.